Experienced Endodontist & Root Canal Specialist in Falls Church & Sterling, VA

Painless Root Canal Treatments

At One Endodontics in Falls Church & Sterling, VA, our skilled endodontists perform painless root canals and treat dental emergencies utilizing the most advanced technologies. We serve the areas of West Falls Church, Sterling, Arlington, Seven Corners, Lake Barcroft, Woodland Acres, and much more.

Drs. Saif Kargoli, Hashim Al-Hassany and Maan Zuaitar are careful and gentle, taking an interest to ensure every patient’s procedure is painless. Our team is highly experienced and provides the highest standard of endodontic care.

Referring a Patient

If you are a dentist in the Falls Church or Sterling, VA area, we welcome you to refer patients to us for painless root canals and other endodontic work. You can submit referral information to our office through the doctor referral form. We look forward to working with you on bettering the oral health of patients in our community.

Why Choose an Endodontist?

Endodontists specialize in saving a patient’s teeth, often with a root canal treatment. An endodontist goes through 5 years of general dental school, followed by 2 to 5 years of advanced endodontic training. Whereas general dentists average around 5 root canal procedures per week, an endodontist often performs over 25 root canals in a week.  At One Endodontics, we treat patients with dental emergencies every day. Call our office immediately if you are experiencing a dental emergency. Our team will provide first aid instructions over the phone and get you the help you need.

Choose Excellence in Endodontic Care for Your Dental Health!

Make the best choice for your oral health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and discover why our patients trust us for excellence in endodontic care.

Falls Church Office: 703-783-2345 Sterling Office: 703-844-9070


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Root Canals

When it comes to a root canal, all procedures are not equal in terms of simplicity. Some teeth are more challenging to treat, and dentists often refer patients to a specialist. Endodontists have the training, skills, and experience to perform complex root canals.


Months or even years after getting a root canal, teeth sometimes heal improperly and can become diseased. Endodontic retreatment is a procedure that alleviates pain and gives teeth another chance to heal. Contact our office to schedule a consultation to find out if you need retreatment.


An apicoectomy procedure may be necessary if a root canal procedure fails to remove all the damaged tissue and nerves under the gums. An endodontist cuts into the gums to expose the area’s underlying bone to remove infected tissue and seal the root canal.

COVID-19 Safe Office

Our office is fully COVID-19 safe. We are proud to ensure the safety of every patient by implementing COVID-19 preventive measures, including mask enforcement, strict sanitation practices, and a fully vaccinated team.

Pain-Free Dental Procedures

One Endodontics offers patients sedation and sleep dentistry options for a stress-free and painless procedure.

Considerate Office and Amenities

Our team works to make your experience as pleasant and calm as possible, which is why our office features flat-screen TVs on the ceilings. Kick back and enjoy your favorite show while your endodontist works. Or you can rest your eyes while your endodontist takes care to be as gentle as possible.